Tachyssema Developpment SARL

Location414Rue de la Decouverte, Immeuble Innopolis Hall A-31670 Labege FRANCE
About UsTachyssema was founded 13 years ago as a custom-made electronic circuit design company based in the aerospace mecca of Toulouse, France. Tachyssema is a development partner for customers in image processing technology and “real-time” processing of multiple analog and digital signals, and has a wide range of experience in the aerospace industry, renewable energy industry, general and precision industrial equipment, and material forming industry. We are proud of our achievements in the aerospace, renewable energy, general/precision industrial equipment, and material forming industries.

Core Technologies

Architectural Design with FPGA

  • Flexible circuit rewriting for trial and error of specifications during the development phase
  • Contributes to reduced power consumption of circuit operations compared to “CPU + memory

Embedded Design

Supports electronic component selection and hardware structure design according to required manufacturing cost, external size, and structural simplicity

Case Study

Products & Services

Cameras for detecting blade defects in wind power generation equipment

Scale of Wind Power GenerationRotor diameter: 80-170m equivalent size
Defective Species DetectedEdge corrosion/ GFRP adhesive peeling/ hairline cracks/ pinholes/ lightning damage, etc.
Camera Resolution0.25mm @100m
Calibration FunctionRotor center or leading edge origin setting (only for initial setup, no step change required)
Camera Image Filter7 types (also for foggy weather)
Measured ValuesDimensions, coordinates, etc.

Defect detection in-line camera for rubber extrusion molding line

Maximum line transfer speedApprox. 500mm/sec.
Maximum processing speed12-15fps
Detection area definitionUp to 8 locations can be specified (center/right end/left end of rubber material, etc.)
Interlocking with equipment PLCDefect detection alarm can be issued

Co-Processor (tentative name)