MK PLUS Co., Ltd. has concluded a sole agency agreement with Tachyssema Development SARL, a Toulouse, France-based company, for the sale of Tachyssema’s products and services in Japan.

Tachyssema is also a partner of LYNXDRONE (CEO: Jad Rouhana), a Board Member of POWERV SAS (25 Marcel Issartier, 33700, Merignac, France), and is mainly involved in the aerospace, renewable energy, and material forming industries. We are also a development support partner of LYNXDRONE (CEO: Jad Rouhana), a Board Member of Tachyssema, a leading company in the aerospace, renewable energy and material forming industries.

We provide sales and implementation support for Tachyssema’s development-oriented general-purpose devices, co-processors (with FPGA boards).

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In Japan, the expansion of wind power generation facilities, which could become the mainstay of green energy, has been decided and construction has started. However, the limited number of maintenance players and the hazardous work at an altitude of around 100 m from the ground have become challenges to maintaining facility operation rates.
We will contribute to solving these issues by designing electronic circuits that realize image processing and high-speed processing of complex sensing data for the development of high-precision cameras and drones for non-destructive inspection.

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